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We know that good intentions are not enough

Just like other women, you will get help in shaping your new slim and healthy body

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  • 1. Slimming according to the recipes - food is not your enemy! Discover what to eat to lose weight.
  • 2. Intelligent capsules enhance slimming according to your daily body cycle.
  • 3. Dream set! Healthy Omega-3 fatty acids and capsaicin reduce bad cholesterol level, cellulite and body weight. You become healthier, lighter and fitter.
3D Chili - Naturalne Odchudzanie 3D Chili - Naturalne Odchudzanie

When do you want to join them?

Marita Surma
Photo #1
  • blogger

I chose healthy weight loss!

I was looking for a healthy diet - I found the 3D Chili and I was glad that it was also the capsule and flaxseed oil. It was perfect solution for me!*

Sara Mannei
Lorraine Bramley
Jamie Larson
Photo #4
  • blogger

I'm in great shape!

I feel wonderful, light and I have much more energy. My diet, supplements and exercises have changed not only my look, but also my attitude towards life.*

Deborah Tmz
Photo #5
  • blogger

Every element is important

I decided to do something for myself and then I found a 3D Chili System. Diet taught me a healthy nutrition, slimming capsules accelerated and the oil has helped in the fight against cellulite!*

The place for you
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You can lose weight too

We know you can do it! Just that you will find in yourself the motivation to get started, but about all the rest will take care of us! We keep our fingers crossed for you and look forward to your story!*

*Presented results are individual achievements. does not guarantee the same results for all users.

What distinguishes our system?


Delicious rules
Pyszne przepisy

Diet plan with recipes for 28 days

  • You eat five meals a day prepared according to given recipes
  • You get a menu regarding diet dedicated supplements
  • You speed up your metabolism with the use of right spices
  • You provide your body with Omega­3 fatty acids
  • You are not hungry and your body gets essential nutrients
  • You are not exposed to yo­yo effect
We consider your daily body cycle
90 kapsułek

3D Chil Slimming Capsules

  • Yellow capsule in the morning – enhances your body functioning
  • Red capsule at noon – helps you burn body fat and calories
  • Green capsule in the evening – detoxifies your body
Dosage individually adjusted to your needs:
Standard Dosage Turbo Dosage
3 capsules a day, one of each kind

żółta kapsułka czerwona kapsułka zielona kapsułka

6 capsules a day, two of each kind

żółta kapsułka czerwona kapsułka zielona kapsułka

żółta kapsułka czerwona kapsułka zielona kapsułka

Głowa pracuje, Tłuszcz znika, serce bije

3D Chili Omega­3 + Capsaicin flaxseed oil

  • has a beneficial influence on cardiovascular system, reduces bad cholesterol level
  • capsaicin contained in the oil helps burn body fat and inhibits appetite
  • enhances brain efficiency, prevents concentration problems
Głowa pracuje, Tłuszcz znika, serce bije

What is most important to us?


Healthy dishes
Zdrowe dania

Our diet is not a starvation diet!

You will be eat 5 tasty, healthy and balanced meals a day

Smaczne dania z diety 3D Chili
Smaczne potrawy z planu diety 3D Chili
Dieta 3DChili to także smaczne potrawy
Smaczne dania z diety 3D Chili
Smaczne potrawy z planu diety 3D Chili
Dieta 3DChili to także smaczne potrawy

Sample dishes from 3D Chili Diet Plan

Zdrowe dania

You will change your eating habits

  • You will be regularly eat perfectly balanced meals
  • you will stop snacking between meals
  • you will learn basics of healthy nutrition

How our 3D Chili supplements work

  1. 1. Support nervous system
  2. 2. Support cardiovascular system
  3. 3. Strengthen the heart
  4. 4. Enhance metabolism and balance digestion
  5. 5. Regulate digestive system
  6. 6. Detoxify the body

What also does 3D Chili System influence?


  • Shiny hair
  • Healthy nails
  • Supple leather

New 3D Chili diet includes an up-to-date STOP CELLULITE! guidebook

  • home remedies to remove cellulite
  • skin firming exercise sets
  • balanced anti-cellulite diet
Nowość - CellulitStop!



Ujędrnianie, oczyszczanie

What you will find in STOP CELLULITE! guidebook

  • pictures and descriptions of our cellulite-reducing exercises
  • instructions of anti-cellulite massages to perform at home
  • info on our extra anti-cellulite treatments
  • detailed description of how our anti-cellulite supplements work

Flaxseed oil improves skin elasticity and firmness

Green capsule detoxifies the body and removes fatty deposits

Why will you love 3D Chili System?


Electronic and printed diet FOR FREE!

  • convenient weekly shopping lists
  • diet plan with recipes to always keep with you
  • possibility to access the diet on different devices

Why is 3D Chili System convenient?

  • quick and easy meals with detailed recipes
  • diet ingredients available in any shop
  • supplements convenient to use
No need to keep in
the fridge!

What the system 3DCHILI is?


All our products have valid quality certificates and meet all legal and GMP requirements. The products have been examined by Hamilton Poland company.

Hamilton Poland Ltd.

Certificate of final product quality
Series: 48896/14/FGDY

See certificate

Certificate of final product quality
Series/Expiry date: 032214/03.2016

See certificate

100% natural ingredients in supplements

Each has been carefully fit to your needs and we are proud of it!

  • Imbir
  • Kurkuma
  • Biała fasola
    White Beans
  • Biała fasola
    Garcinia Cambogia
  • Guarana
  • Kapsaicyna
  • Pektyna
    Grapefruit Pectin
  • Olej lniany
    Flaxseed Oil
  • Chlorella
  • Acai berry
    Acai Berry
  • Zielona herbata
    Green Tea

Opinions and reviews of 3D Chili System


3D Chili on Instagram

Photo #1
Love this new product ! 3D Chili it's diet, flaxseed oil with capsaicin and natural slimming capsules. Try it!*
Jamie Larson (JamieChinaMTV) on 3DChili Diet
Jamie Larson (JamieChinaMTV) has found a healthy and natural slimming solution - 3D Chili System.*
Deborah Tmz on 3DChili Diet
Deborah Tmz love the 3D Chili System -  flaxseed oil and capsules made from natural ingredients - the best way to dream body.*

*Presented results are individual achievements. does not guarantee the same results for all users.

3D Chili on Fit Events

3d chili
3d chili
3d chili
3D Chili close to you!
Our team are happy to involved in interesting events. We like to use every opportunity to meet with you, answer any questions, listen to your needs and organize competitions with prizes or cook for You 3D Chili meals.
Sylvia Leszczynsky
Sylwia Leszczyńska
3D Chili diet bases on spices beneficial influence on metabolism. The diet is really interesting and balanced; it contains varied and tasty meals.*
Sara Mannei
Sara Mannei
You know what's the best in 3D Chili System? The fact that everyone can adjust to your needs!*
Elizabeth M. Ward
Elizabeth M. Ward
Seasonings may even play a part in weight control. Certain herbs and spices curb inflammation in the body, which may give rise to heart disease and cancer.*

*Presented results are individual achievements. does not guarantee the same results for all users.

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3D Chili Starter
Photo #5
  • 90 capsules
  • Electronic diet

Basic 30-day slimming treatment: 90 Slimming Capsules and electronic diet (PDF format).

€ 42,45 Save € 7,5

€ 34.95

3D Chili Turbo
Photo #4
  • 180 capsules
  • Printed diet

Intensive 30-day slimming treatment with a double dose of the capsules. Printed diet for free

€ 68,95 Save € 19

€ 49.95

3D Chili Intense
Photo #2
  • 90 capsules
  • 30 sachets
  • Printed diet

Monthly slimming treatment additionally enhanced by flaxseed oil. Printed diet for free

€ 78,95 Save € 19

€ 59.95


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3D Chili

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